Tuesday, August 27, 2013

IAM-Jacobs TOSC Negotiations

Sisters and Brothers
Your Union committee met with the company committee this morning. Even though the process is moving along at a slow pace, some progress has been made on some non-economic issues. We will be meeting again tomorrow morning and the remainder of the week to try and finalize some proposals.
We are still a long, long way from reaching any type of agreement on a new collective bargaining agreement. Every Article of the new CBA has to be proposed and negotiated, which takes much time and effort. We haven't yet begun to propose our economic proposals to the company. We believe we will be getting into that portion sometime in the near future, but that time will be contingent on the progress of the non-economic portion.
Please stay strong and patient during this process as your Union committee is committed to bringing back the best contract possible.

In Solidarity
Your Negotiating Committee