Thursday, July 24, 2008

Still Need Help With Your Resume?

For those having difficulties submitting their EG&G/Yang resumes we want to help. The Local will have fellow members at the Union Hall (271 Taylor Avenue, Cape Canaveral) to assist you on Saturday, July 26th beginning at 8am. Come see us.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Steward Training Class Reminder

There will be a Steward Training class Saturday, July26th beginning at 9am at the Union hall located at 271 Taylor Avenue, Cape Canaveral. Brother James Parker, IAM Southern Territory Educator will conduct the class. All members of Local Lodge 2061 are invited to attend.

Discussions with EG&G continue

District Lodge 166 Directing Business Representative Johnny Walker met today with EG&G Manager of Labor Relations Lester Jordan. The two engaged in wide-ranging discussions relative to ISC workforce requirements and the process for current JBOSC employees transitioning to ISC. DBR Walker characterized the talks as constructive and encouraging. Manpower requirements are uncertain at this time. This Union will continue to meet with ISC contractor representatives and assist them in any way possible. Please alert your friends and co-workers to this site as it remains the best means of communicating with our membership. As we learn more we will post the information on this site.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Need Help With Your Resume?

We understand some current JBOSC employees don't have access to a computer or are experiencing problems submitting their electronic resumes to EG&G/Yang. We are here to help.
We will have folks at the Union Hall this Sunday (7/20) beginning at 2pm to assist you. All we ask is you bring a written resume (to the best of your ability) and we will set up an e-mail address for you and assist you in submitting your resume. We will use the computers at the Hall. The Union Hall is located at 271 Taylor Avenue, Cape Canaveral immediately East of the Cape Canaveral recreation complex. See you at 2pm.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Current JBOSC Employees

Following further discussions with ISC transition representatives they have requested we take additional steps in the resume process. They are asking we submit resumes to EG&G and Yang. They tell us once your on-line resume is submitted they will generate an on-line application to your e-mail address to be completed by you and returned via e-mail. I have attached the links to the resume sights. The requisition number is EGG30165. If you are unable to submit a resume on-line for any reason, please contact Lew Jamieson (321-446-7092) or Murray Caldwell (321-794-5993) and we will assist you in submitting your resume. .I know this process has been confusing to us all and appears as though the companies and the Union can't decide how this process should work. We can only request you recognize the companies are very busy with the transition and are working with this Union to affect an orderly transition. I can assure you Johnny Walker, Murray Caldwell and myself are in daily contact with the transition team and providing the companies with any assistance they request.

Here are the links;

Sunday, July 13, 2008

ISC Open House Reminder

The EG&G Open House is Tuesday, July 15 5-8pm at the "Radisson at the Port", Cape Canaveral. Members who are currently employed by JBOSC employers who will be transitioning to ISC are urged to attend.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Meeting with Indyne/IOMS

Local 2061 representatives met today with Indyne, Inc. Director Kyle "Booee" Kuhn and associate Roger Morton. The meeting was productive and shed some light on the transition process. All affected members must submit an application to Indyne. Applications are available at Scroll down under the IOMS heading to "IOMS Recruiting Website". Select your job classification, click on "My Application" complete the application, register and submit. The Local has hard copy applications on hand for those unable to complete the on-line application. The hiring process will occur in late July or early August. Indyne has committed to interview all incumbent employees. Indyne will hold an open house Monday, July 7th at Comfort Inn & Suites Resort Hotel, Cocoa Beach in the Ocean Ballroom. Three one hour sessions will be offered; 2pm, 3pm and 4pm. All members are urged to attend. Enjoy your Independence Day holiday.


Meeting with EG&G/ISC

Local 2061 representatives met with EG&G Program Manager Kirt Bush and EG&G associate Herman Garrett today. The discussions were positive and shed some light on the transition process for current JBOSC employees. EG&G will begin accepting brief resumes (no more than one page) beginning July 7th. Resumes should contain the following:
Contact phone number
Current employer
Job Classification per the collective bargaining agreement
Brief description of current duties
Current manager's name
These resumes may be hand delivered to the Headquarters Building, Room 1404 beginning next week on a non-interference basis.
Applications will be made available later this month. The application process likely will be conducted by EG&G personnel at the Union Hall. EG&G will be holding an open house July 15th at the Radisson at the Port, Cape Canaveral from 5-8pm. Members are encouraged to attend. The EG&G transition team will be present along with the CEO of parent corporation URS. More information will be available following EG&G's first transition meeting with NASA on July 9th. General information on the ISC contract can be found at Click on the FAQ header. Enjoy your Independence Day holiday.


Wednesday, July 2, 2008

July Grand Lodge Raffle Drawing Results

Ryan Keichle, USA Crawlers was winner of the IAM Convention Knife

Meri Beth Chewuk, CHS Enviromental was the winner of the month long 50/50.

A total of $780 towards Grand Lodge convention costs were raised by the raffles.

There is another month long 50/50 being done again this month and will be drawn at the August meeting, see your steward for tickets. $1 each or 6 tickets for $5, Murray Caldwell is the contact person on this event.

There are two Gift Baskets valued at over $250 being raffled off for the August meeting, see your steward for tickets. $1 each or 6 tickets for $5, Karen Houston is contact person on this event.

Both drawings you do NOT have to be present at the meeting to win, winner will be contacted to arrange prize drop-off. The prizes will be given out at the regular membership meeting, if the winners are present to receive them.