Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Current JBOSC Employees

Following further discussions with ISC transition representatives they have requested we take additional steps in the resume process. They are asking we submit resumes to EG&G and Yang. They tell us once your on-line resume is submitted they will generate an on-line application to your e-mail address to be completed by you and returned via e-mail. I have attached the links to the resume sights. The requisition number is EGG30165. If you are unable to submit a resume on-line for any reason, please contact Lew Jamieson (321-446-7092) or Murray Caldwell (321-794-5993) and we will assist you in submitting your resume. .I know this process has been confusing to us all and appears as though the companies and the Union can't decide how this process should work. We can only request you recognize the companies are very busy with the transition and are working with this Union to affect an orderly transition. I can assure you Johnny Walker, Murray Caldwell and myself are in daily contact with the transition team and providing the companies with any assistance they request.

Here are the links;