Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Secretary Treasurer Election

Nominations for the office of Secretary Treasurer for LL 2061 were noticed and conducted at the February 1st membership meeting. After reviewing the IAM&AW Constitution, I determined the process followed was not in accordance with the prescribed timeline contained in the Constitution. Consequently, I have ruled the February nominations null and void. Nominations will now be held during the March 1st meeting with the election scheduled for May 3rd. Members will be notified by USPS mailing of the new timeline accompanied by a request for an absentee ballot for those members who qualify. Please, carefully read the qualifications for voting by absentee ballot to make certain you qualify. Also, note the deadline for return of the request.
I regret any inconvenience incurred by prospective candidates and the membership as a result of this decision. I urge all Local Lodge 2061 members to vote in this critical election.

Lew Jamieson, President
IAM&AW LL 2061