Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Brevard Workforce Aerospace Workforce Transition Program

You MUST register for the AWT program prior to lay-off (forced or self-nominated) in order to receive services from the AWT!

The Aerospace Workforce Transition Program provides programs and services to help aerospace workers transition smoothly from Space Shuttle/Constellation jobs to new employment both inside and outside of aerospace. Our mission is to help workers begin now to make a plan for their post-shuttle career by providing skills assessment, resume support, workshops, educational resources, career planning, training and support resources.


As instructions on Brevard Workforce's website, you must ALSO register with:


If you are having trouble using either websites to register or need hands-on assistance for any reason, call 321-394-0556. They will be happy to assist you in registering or with questions concerning AWT programs.

Brevard Workforce also has a mobile van where you can go for assistance. Here is the schedule for February:

Brevard Workforce Express

February Schedule

Feb 2: Special Event No Public Access
Feb 3: 9am-3:30pm NSLD
Feb 9: 8am-3:30pm Logistics
Feb 10: 8am-3:30pm OPF
Feb 16: 9am-3:30pm NSLD
Feb 17: 8am-3:30pm USA- Titusville
Feb 23: 8am-3:30pm Logistics
Feb 24: 8am-3:30pm OPF

They also have several offices in Brevard County and at locations onsite at KSC(By appointment NASA Headquarters Building Room 1474).

Remember, visits to AWT offices or mobile locations are on the employees own personal time. This also includes registering online, which must also be done on the employees own personal time.

Don't sit idle on the sideline thinking you will not need services, be proactive in protecting your own future. Brevard Workforce's AWT program can only help you if you seek help before lay-off. With the end of the Shuttle program, none of us should feel our job(s) are secure. Assume you need assistance and REGISTER now.