Monday, August 6, 2007

Successful Rally Sunday

Our rally Sunday was well-attended, and there was plenty of food, and the weather cooperated, it wasn't too hot under the Fox Lake Park pavilion, and everyone had a good time, and the day was even capped off with an appearance of skydivers, for those who stuck around long enough after the rally!

Both General Vice President Martinez and DBR Johnny Walker spoke, updating everyone on the solidarity of the membership, and the way forward. GVP Martinez reminded everyone that our strike is STILL 91% strong.

In closing, he said: "We are strong. We believe we are winning this strike, and we believe we are going to win this strike for our families, and our future," to the applause of the membership.

GVP Martinez was joined at the rally by International Reps Aerospace Coordinator John Crowdis, Aerospace Coordinator Mark Blondin, Grand Lodge Representative Dave Porter, and Communications Representative Bob Wood, all in attendance for support.

GVP Martinez, DBR Walker stayed after the rally answering questions from the membership.

Big Crowd!GVP Martinez with Aerospace Coordinator Mark BlondinHanding out strike checks
These cupcakes look GOOD!