Tuesday, September 10, 2013

IAM-Jacobs TOSC Negotiations

Sisters and Brothers

Your Negotiation Committee met for the better part of the day with the company committee. The company committee answered several of our counter-proposals. Articles titled Rights of Management, Seniority, Job Classifications, Leave of Absence, Safety and Health, Miscellaneous and Union Membership. The company has zeroed in on our core values, attacking our Union Seniority for Lay-off, Recall, Shift Bids and Transfers. The company has also chosen to use Job Classifications as a way to manipulate around our Union Seniority for lay-off and recall.
Your negotiation committee is standing fast on the principles of Trade Unionism and will fight efforts by the  company to rob us of the benefits of Seniority that we hold dear.

Your Union Negotiating Committee will continue to fight the good fight and search out avenues which will bring about a fair and beneficial contract for all Union members.

We are scheduled to meet with the company again on Thursday. Recheck the blog Thursday evening.


In Solidarity,

Your Union Negotiating Committee