Saturday, October 27, 2012

Cracking Down on China.

There has been much said from the candidates over the past months but one quote from Mitt Romney floats to the top. In this video Romney (during a Republican Primary Debate) talks of China and how we have to get tough. He has said he will "crack down on China" in the past few weeks.

 Most of us would agree with the statement except Romney is saying one thing and doing another.


 Bainport is the name of the protest site across the street from Bain Capital's company Sensata in Freeport, Illinois. Romney is still in ownership of  Bain Capital yet he has remained quiet over these workers jobs being shipped, along with the manufacturing equipment to China. He talks of getting tough on China but has the chance to do it now,  instead he is choosing profits over Americans.

 Fox News even has a story on their website:
Sensata (sen-SAH'-tuh) Technologies is owned by Bain Capital and in the process of moving its Freeport manufacturing operations to China. That'll cost Freeport 170 jobs.

Read more: Sensata
Romney has flip-flopped on many issues but on this one he is flat out lying. Romney can't say he is getting tough on China while profiting from outsourcing American jobs to China. Truly if he was to do the things he says, in regards to trade with China, Bain would not be shipping more production jobs to China as certainly their profits would fall. If Romney is elected, and "cracks down" on China, Bain Capital stands to lose a lot of money. If Bain Capital loses money, Romney loses money. If Romney was unconcerned with losing money, he would move his hundreds of millions of dollars he has stashed in offshore accounts back to the US, and pay taxes on them.

Romney's defense is his funds are in a blind trust.

Yes, his position on Blind Trusts has flip-flopped also.