Thursday, July 14, 2011

Steward Election Set for Wednesday

The election for Stewards to serve after July 22 has been set for Wednesday, July 20. All IAM members employed by USA present at work on July 22 are eligible to vote. We will elect one Steward from GSS and one from Logistics The candidates are Stewards presently serving. The schedule is as follows;

0630 hrs. K6-1246 Utility Shops All Shops including Logistics and Pneumatics
0630 hrs. K7-0569 All Shops
0630 hrs. Heavy Equipment Area All Area Shops
0900 hrs. Logistics Warehouse All Personnel
0900 hrs. LES Shop All Shops including Logistics
1130 hrs. Crawler/Transporters All Personnel
1130 hrs. VAB All Shops including Logistics
1130 hrs. Generator Shop All Personnel

The stand-alone Logistics Service Centers, including the NSLD will be voted on a non-interference basis between 0700 hours and 1100 hours. Members will be required to vote in their base area. No travel to another voting location will be permitted unless specifically authorized by management. Should you have questions, contact Lew Jamieson at 446-7092.