Saturday, July 10, 2010

Space Coast AFL-CIO Labor Kick Off

With election season in full swing, the Space Coast AFL-CIO is prepared to do it's part in fighting off the corporate assault on workers and their jobs.

The Space Coast AFL-CIO will be having their Labor 2010 Kick Off Training on July 15th, the same night as the normal CLC meeting (CLC meets at normal time). Starts at 5PM at the Space Coast AFL-CIO hall, located at 1122 Lake Drive Cocoa, Florida.

The training will focus on the AFL-CIO jobs campaign, the state political plan, election laws, and mobilization tactics. The meeting is for both leaders, local union coordinators, and regular union members that are interested in being a part of Labor's political plan.

Please RSVP with either Claudie Pouncey or Robert Livingston