Friday, April 10, 2009

Dues Increase Approved

The membership at Tuesday's Local Lodge meeting voted overwhelmingly to accept an Executive Board proposal that would increase dues for LL 2061. This action was viewed as a necessary action to maintain the viability and existence of the Local. The proposal was in response to an increase in monies paid to the International and the depletion of the treasury due to expenses incurred during the USA strike. The increase in payments to the International coupled with a decrease in membership in LL 2061 made it necessary for your Executive Board to take action. 

The increase is pegged at eight dollars ($8.00) per month. This computes to two dollars ($2.00) per week - five cents ($.05) per hour. Three dollars ($3.00) of this increase will go directly to the Lodge's treasury. The Executive Board has been gravely concerned that our ability to provide necessary services to the membership was being restricted and some services would have to be eliminated if this increase was not approved. Our ability to fund contract negotiations, grievance processing and arbitration of grievances,  training (Safety and Health, communications, EAP and Leadership training, and community service), were some of the services that were being curtailed or eliminated.

The dues increase was determined after extensive research and  exhaustive debate by the Executive Board. Many proposals were considered. The Board attempted to produce a proposal that would have the least economic impact on our membership and still allow the Local to maintain and increase the level of service to our members. The Executive Board feels strongly this is a fair and reasonable increase in view of the fact the dues formula has not increased since 1976. We are confident this increase will carry the Local through the foreseeable future.

Should you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact me at 321 446-7092 or contact an Executive Board member.