Wednesday, March 4, 2009

EGG/SIERRA LOBO/YANG Contract Updates by Email

If you wish to receive email updates during contract negotiations, simply use the box at the upper right of this page to sign up. The service is setup to mail updates to you whenever this webpage is updated with new content/information. You will sign up through Feedblitz but be assured they do not send you spam, the service they provide simply emails you when this page is updated. We ask that you use a home email address and not any work provided addresses.
Many cellular providers also provide email to cell phones, you may want to check with your service to see if you can receive email via cell phone.

You should receive email updates within 30 minutes of the page being updated. Be sure to tell your co-workers about the blog and the email service, so that we can all stay better informed.

Well informed members during these crucial negotiations is our goal.