Sunday, February 15, 2009

BOA vs. EFCA. via TARP

Always nice to know your tax dollars are being used to lobby against you. Bank of America CEO Ken Lewis was questioned by Congressman Keith Ellison about the bank using TARP funds to lobby against the Employee Free Choice Act. Though the CEO does not admit using TARP funds, he does admit to funding lobbying . I'm guessing if you have enough cash to lobby, you should not need to be borrowing from taxpayers.

Ken Lewis makes $9,803 an hour, while his tellers - those that make Bank of America run - make $10-$15 an hour. A number of Lewis' 247,000 employees lack adequate health coverage and instead depend on state subsidies." While Lewis himself did not take a bonus for last year, Lewis made sure that high level staff still got bonuses even though Bank of America recently announced it was laying off another 35,000 employees.

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