Monday, May 5, 2008

Fired Waste Pro workers to get labor hearing

"Four former Waste Pro employees in Daytona Beach who cried foul for being fired will appear in a hearing before an administrative law judge of the National Labor Relations Board in June.
Led by Keith Massey, the employees attempted to become part of a union because of perceived contract violations.
But it wasn't long before they were fired for their efforts, according to Massey, Kevin Brown, Tyrod Williams and Tremale Morgan."

Full story can be found at this link from the Daytona Beach News-Journal :

Apparently we can expect more of this from big business.

A story in the Las Vegas Sun states "Businesses scurry to build defenses for possible unionizing onslaught"

"Big business is taking steps to fend off an expected flood of unionizing drives if Congress approves legislation making it easier for workers to organize.
In a trend being followed closely in Las Vegas and other strong union communities, businesses across the country are moving to improve relations with workers in anticipation of the Democrat-supported Employee Free Choice Act. It would for the first time in 60 years allow workers to organize without putting the issue to a secret-ballot vote."

In the article there are statments from law firms involved in lobbying to prevent the Employee Free Choice Act.
One states: "Unionization drives generally emerge from issues of dignity and respect, lawyer Mark Ross said. “Unions don’t organize employers,” he said. “Bad supervisors organize employers.”"

He also states:
"If the legislation is passed, “employers are headed for a big hurt,” Smith said.
Employers, he said, should mobilize the business community. “Tell them how awful life could be if this thing gets written into law,” Smith said."

I have a hard time understanding the hurt employers will feel, other than providing employees what they deserve with fair wages, good benefits, and equally fair treatment. Companies would rather pay Lawyers, Lobbyists, and Political Action Committiees, than pay fair wages to employees.
Certainly if the Employee Free Choice Act were to pass and be signed into law by the next President, it would not mean every employer would instantly have a Union. Some employers would not have Unions because they pay well and offer good benefits. The only employers who should worry about the act are the ones who have been taking advantage of employees and treating them poorly.

Remember to support candidates that support our needs the next time you vote. Seems our elected officials only understand the public, when we show them by ballot, how we feel.