Thursday, March 27, 2008

Boeing Tanker Battle Continues

"The fight to reverse the $40 billion tanker decision enters its third week with union members contacting lawmakers and demanding hearings on the process that allowed Europe’s Airbus and its U.S. front company, Northrop Grumman, to walk away with one of the largest U.S. defense contracts in history."
Now we can support out Brothers and Sisters employed by Boeing. The MNPL (The Machinists Non-Partisan Political League) has setup a webpage that makes it easy for us to contact our representation in Congress and let them know how we feel about sending jobs to other countries. The airframe of these planes will be built overseas and that means the United States will depend on a foreign company to supply us with our military aircraft. Our Government has run amok outsourcing our jobs but for OUR Government to outsource military hardware is mind-numbing.
When will it end, if we the people don't demand our representatives stop this?
We have a voice in our votes and it's time we speak out.
Contact your local Congressmen through this link:
It only takes a minute to let them know we will not stand by while our jobs and security are shipped away. Tell your friends and family they can use the same link, where ever in the country they may be.
Our kids are depending on us to protect their future.................we cannot not let them down.