Thursday, January 3, 2008

Remember if Mike Huckabee asks for your vote , reply "Hmmm. Oh."

"Presidential candidate Mike Huckabee, who has actively sought union support during his campaign, crossed WGA picket lines outside NBC studios in Burbank Wednesday in order to appear on the Tonight Show, all while offering several (often lame) excuses for his actions.

Before heading to LA for his appearance yesterday, according to the AP, Huckabee told reporters traveling with him that he wouldn't be crossing any picket lines because the WGA had made interim deals to allow all latenight shows back on TV.

However, when the reporters told Huckabee he was incorrect and the WGA had only made a separate deal with David Letterman's company - and not the Tonight Show - Huckabee pled ignorance: "But my understanding is there's a sort of dispensation given to the late-night shows, is that right?"

And when the reporters tried yet again to tell Huckabee he was flat out wrong? His response: "Hmmm. Oh."


This is what we need to remember , if he is willing to walk all over our Brothers and Sisters , he certainly will not be any good for us . Candidates that pander to our interests and then flip-flop to serve their own , do not deserve our support .