Friday, June 15, 2007

Striking: It's a family affair

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Several strikers have brought their husbands, wives and children to the picket line. This is fantastic. This is a great time to teach your children an important lesson. Striking is never easy, and our families will have to make sacrifices during this time. When your son or daughter asks you why you are striking, and the family must cut back, you can say "I do it for you. I do it so your future will be bright. I want our family to have good health care, and I need a good pension so I won't be a burden on you when I retire. We want these good jobs to STAY good jobs, so maybe someday you can work here, too. We are fighting for YOUR future, and all those who come after us."

So bring them out to the picket lines. Let them walk picket with you, fighting for a bright future. Of course, safety first, watch out for traffic, and keep a close eye on the little ones!